Neuroliminal Training
ADHD - Autism

Developed in 2004 by Dr. Phil Bate, Orthomolecular Pioneer,
Neuroliminal Training is a low cost effective therapy
for ADD / ADHD / Autism brain problems.

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Dr. Bate has sold more than 500 ADHD-Autism Neuroliminal Training CD's since development in 2004. To date, only four have been returned under the money back guarantee.
When used with the Integrated 4-Part Therapy, the ADHD-Autism Neuroliminal Training CD is the best, low cost, ADD/ADHD/Autism therapy that you can do at home.
Neuroliminal Training works by raising the SMR brain wave, lowering the Theta brain wave and increasing blood flow to the brain. These are the same results that are accomplished by EEG Biofeedback, or Neurofeedback, but for only a fraction of the price. EEG biofeedback costs an average of $95-250 per session as compared to NT, which is only a one-time investment of $147 for unlimited use - which is a lot less than just one half hour session of EEF biofeedback! Learn more about EEG biofeedback resutls visit: Dr. Bate's EEG article on the main web site.
Dr. Phil Bate guarantees all Neuroliminal Training CD's for a minimum of 120 days. Anyone who tries a Neuroliminal CD for 60 days, and receives no noticeable improvement during that time may simply send the CD package back to Dr Bate, and receive a refund (less $7 for shipping and handling). Since in many cases, improvement occurs only after 40-60 days, it is important to use the Neuroliminal for at least that 60 day trial. We will not accept returns prior to 60 days following purchase.

ADD-Autism Neuroliminal Training CD
EEG Biofeedback ($95-250 per 1/2 hour session) compared to NT (only $147 for unlimited use)
Simply play the CD in a loop at night or while doing things around the house to experience ADD/ADHD/Autism improvement.
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