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Dr Bate's Resume

Hi - I'm Dr. Phil Bate.  I've had a very interesting life with several different careers.  I started in electronics as the youngest officer (An ensign at 17) in the US Maritime Service (merchant marine) during WW II.  After WW II, I became an electronic engineer with several companies including both RCA and Philco.  I worked up to senior project engineer status at Cape Canaveral during the 50's.  Then, I left to form my own sales engineering representative company in Florida and later in Puerto Rico.  I "retired" for the first time in the 70's from the PR company, selling it to an employee.

After sailing around the Caribbean and thru the Panama Canal with my wife (now ex) for some months, we returned to Florida, and I went back to school.  I obtained a PhD in psychology.  ;My doctoral dissertation was on the unconscious interactions between hypnotist and subject.  I had been studying and using hypnosis professionally for many years, and had taught college credit courses to various medical and dental professionals.

I then set up my first psychological practice.   It was primarily "behavior oriented", due to my long practice of hypnosis.  I had been an associate member of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis for some time, and now became a full professional member.  I joined other professional groups as well, including the American Association of Behavior Therapists, the Biofeedback Society of America, and the American Association of Sex Educators, Therapists and Counselors.

As the book "The Health Revolution" describes, I soon found myself converting to a new and exciting way to treat emotional and physical problems.  I had at least 6 books on order from the local library at all times, and as soon as a few came in, I ordered more.  I am very fortunate to have inherited the ability to study virtually anything and understand it, and retain this new knowledge and "fit" it into my matrix of previous understanding.

Along the way, I met Dr. George Von Hilsheimer, who became my best friend.   Working with him in the Klotz allergy clinic, taught me more than I believed possible.  He is the most maddening person in the world, and also the most brilliant.  I have a more open mind approach to the unconventional.

I was also fortunate enough to meet and know Dr. Abram Hoffer, the man who started the megavitamin revolution in treating schizophrenia.  I count him as a friend as well.   Another friend who helped me was Dr. Carl Pfeiffer who died several years ago.   Dr. Marshall Mandell is another friend who helped in all this new and exciting field - one of the top allergists of all time.

Dr. Von and I set up the first (Florida) End-Point-Titration laboratory in the Klotz and Mueller clinic in Orlando under the auspices of Dr. Sol Klotz.  Dr. Klotz was one of the real top men in allergy by anyone's evaluation.  He is a far cry from most of the MD allergists today.   I also learned that most MD allergists are years behind the scientific advancements.

I was a member of the Orthomolecular Medical Society for many years during that time, and was able to contribute several papers.  Three particular papers published in that journal that I consider important are:

  • Chronic headaches, including migraines are often due to an unsuspected corn allergy/sensitivity.  This was later confirmed by many other practicioners.  Corn products are ubiquitous in our foods today.

  • High blood pressure (hypertension) in women can often be lowered to normal levels with regular B12 shots, or even sublingual tablets.  Some experimentation is required to find the frequency and level of B12 shots.  (My ex-wife required 0.22 ml every 4th day to maintain her blood pressure at normal 120/80 or so - down from 190/110, and completely off Reserpine and other blood pressure medication!)

  • Psuedo-schizophrenia or "dramatic personality changes" are often caused by sugar handling problems.  The MMPI profile for this is clear.  The operating system is low blood sugar releasing both adrenaline and testosterone in the attempt to quickly raise glucose levels to the brain.  This can cause "undifferentiated anger" in some males.

In the early 90's, I retired (again) to sail around the Caribbean for three years in a 40' Wharram Catamaran with my wife (Sunny in name and in character as well).

For the next several years, I enjoyed retirement, doing a few seminars, and some consulting by email and phone. I wrote "The Health Revolution.

In March of 2000, an MD in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, got my book, and she asked me to set up a seminar for September 2000 there.  I got together with Dr Von Hilsheimer, and we decided to do it.  Since we had to go thru Russia to get to that Georgia, Sunny and I decided to spend a week before the seminar in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and a week in Tblisi, as our hosts had promised us three days of sightseeing.

During the 4 day seminar, Dr Von discoursed on the newer research on EEG biofeedback, using an older model he had brought with him for them to keep.  He explained how simple it was, and how effective it was, particularly for ADD/ADHD, depression, and several other problems.  That evening, I cornered him, and asked him if there was any reason preventing us from buying some biofeedback machines, and leasing them.  He wasn't that much in favor, but agreed it would work well.  (Dr Von is very ethical, and he realized that since his entire practice was EEG biofeedback, it wouldn't be completely moral to charge $3000, (his usual fee) when he was connected with a company that could do the same thing for under $300.)

So, I bit the bullet, and came back out of retirement (again) to run this lease company starting in late December 2000.  I've always hated drugging of kids with Ritalin and other dangerous drugs, and with this system, I could do something about it!

In April 2004, I suddenly realized that Subliminal messaging which I had used quite extensively with good success in my former practice "MIGHT" just work the same for "brain training" of Brain Problems in much the same way as the "expensive" EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback.  I started two experiments, and the results were quite similar to those using EEG biofeedback.  The latest volunteer test mostly on ADHD volunteers, confirmed that this system is indeed analogous to EEG BF.  It is now shown that this very simple Auditory Brain Wave Training system can be used for most "Brain Problems" of ADD/ADHD/Autism, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, and even some schizophrenias and addictions.   If EEG BF is effective, so is this system!  I have named it Neuroliminal Training!

On this web site and others (www.alternate-health.com), I sincerely hope that I am able to help you in your search for personal health. 

ADD, ADHD, ADD/ADHD,Autism,depression,insomnia

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ADD, ADHD, ADD/ADHD,Autism,depression,insomnia

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