Dr .Bate's Neuroliminal Training Therapies Solves STRESS CD  With SIMPLE Home Therapies

Dr. Philip Bate  Philip Bate, PhD. Orthomolecular Psychologist (41+ years)

Member of Klotz and Moeller Allergy Clinic,
assisting in introducing the End-Point-Titration Allergy System into Florida. 
The first to document the relationship between hypoglycemic episodes and adult onset phobias in the AABT Journal (Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies) in 1980.

In April 2000, Philip Bate PhD sent a copy of his book "The Health Revolution" to a pediatrician in Soviet Georgia.

This resulted in an invitatio for Dr Bate, and Dr George Von Hilsheimer, the world's leading Neurofeedback "expert" to give a 4 day seminar in Soviet Georgia to over 200 Soviet "doctors".

In Georgia, as in most of the smaller Russian countries, there was very little money for medicine; accordingly, there is a great demand for holistic therapies, orthomolecular, and other alternate therapies.

During the seminar; Dr Von and Dr Bate demonstrated the latest knowledge in biofeedback, and the simplicity and effectiveness of the Sterman method for ADD/ADHD, depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and virtually all mental problems. 

"Dr Von Hilsheimer and Dr Bate were very enthusiastic about the multiple benefits of EEG biofeedback (now named Neurofeedback) and one member of the audience asked why we didn't lower the cost by "leasing biofeedback units. Dr Von was not interested, but Dr Bate did start such a business, and was successful with it, until 2004.

The creation of Neuroliminal Training was so much simpler and and the cost was so much lower that this therapy was affordable for virtually anyone - not just the very wealthy. So the leasing business was closed.

One of the presenters; was enthusiastic about the effectiveness of biofeedback units. Dr. Bate with extensively questioning finally asked: 
“If it's that simple to do this training, why not buy biofeedback units and lease them out". 
His professional associate was hesitant about going into business, but agreed to look into it with Dr. Bate.

Dr. Bate theorized that perhaps the raising of the 12-14 Hz (SMR) brain wave somehow changed the effect of allergens on the brain. Dr. Bate and his professional associate had studied allergy/sensitivity extensively, and were aware that all the so-called "brain problems" can (and often are) be caused by unknown allergens.
(SMRSensorimotor Rhythm)

Dr.  Bate formed a corporation - "Biofeedback Home Training Inc" and bought his first 10 Biofeedback units in December 2000.
The company was a success, and did make available EEG Biofeedback units at an overall cost of about 20 -30% of the cost of clinical training. However, the initial deposit needed was still close to $2000, and that amount still meant thatlow and even middle income families had no choice except for drugs such as Ritalin.
Dr. Bate continued his research and realized that it might be possible to change brain waves by subliminal messaging. 

In 2004, His first experiments, using paying volunteers showed that this system worked. 
It also proved his original theory that raising SMR DOES change the brain effect of allergens! and related stress
In 2006, Dr. Bate designed another test for ADD/ADHD. This test not only raised the SMR brain Wave, but also lowered the Theta Brain Wave. NASA studies had shown that lowering Theta increased attention/concentration in jet pilots and astronauts. For Attention Deficiency it is a necessary adjunct.

Full testing was completed in March of 2006. The results were excellent. 
It also showed that success from this system is very similar to those with EEG Biofeedback, (AKA-Neurofeedback). 

This new system is named Neuroliminal Training (NT). It is quite different from the "usual" subliminal messaging. Instead of attempting to modify behavior, this neuroliminal messaging actually changes the amplitude of brain waves which is exactly what EEG BF/neurofeedback does!

Dr. Bate discontinued leasing/selling EEG Biofeedback units, because this newer system is only a fraction of the cost, and has a similar success rate.

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