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Personal Age Reversing

Dr. Bate in 2000          Dr Bate in 2014

Since I tested the CD's on myself along with the volunteers, here is my story as I went along.

At my regular 90 day medical checkup, my Dr.asked,“Phil, are you on diet”. I replied “No”. The doctor told me that I had lost 15 pounds in the last 3 months. He voiced concern that this much weight loss may indicate a serious problem and he ordered me to go back to the lab for further tests.

The tests proved I had no problems and I continued to lose weight (5 pounds a month) down to “my” perfect weight at 5'11” of 195. Along with this weight improvement; all of my known allergies no longer affected me.

Another benefit that occurred was my average blood pressure was now 120/70.

Now, the effect was mostly on my diabetes, which I'd had for years. My “usual” daily doses of insulin totaled 30-35 units, but suddenly that dosage was cut in half. (I actually went very hypoglycemic several times, as that “can't happen”, but it did.

At 40, I had quit smoking due to emphysema, and I couldn't run “full out” for more than 150 feet. Now, at 87, I can run more than 600 feet without any discomfort.

I am now getting emails from other people that have been using the Special NT CD, and with similar stories of visible “Age Reversal”.

Don't be confused by the ads that only change “wrinkles”, or nutritional products promoting such change. Some will help, but unless the unconscious mind “gets it”, it doesn't work. This therapy is fast, but it works if used consistently. By adding cinammon and a few other things to my diet, I have literally "cured" my diabetes, and I now fully expect to live beyond 100 years in good health.


(A.D. Florida May 2015)
I am 71 years old and have been fairly sedentary for years. I’ve only been using the Special NT CD for only 2 and a half months but I have already notice major personal changes.

Recently I have had the mental “energy” to walk a few blocks a day, going a little farther each day. Now my average is about ½ a mile a day. I had a 15 year+ chronic low back pain and took pain pills regularly. Now my back pain is very infrequent and is relieved with over-the–counter pills.

I am sleeping better and longer and awaken rested and refreshed. I don’t take my afternoon “grandpa naps” as often and have become more social. Basically I’m feeling and reacting younger. So far this CD has been living up to what it’s supposed to do.

(M.S. Florida January 2015)
Hi Dr. Bate, I have been using the CD for about two years now. I keep it on low and play my radio at the same time.

Things don't happen as quickly as we all want. I will say initially, it kind of took the edge off the death of my husband. As time progressed I began to notice subtle changes, hardly noticeable.

Age spots are getting lighter. Some of them had been raised and now are flat. The biggest change is that my back pain is much, much less. I had a sinus issue which has left..even with this ridiculous pollen, I am fine. I had been trying to make my feet walk right - one foot was crooked and it turned around..amazing!

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