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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between the Bate Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training and the usual subliminal audios? 

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2. How are Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) and Neuroliminal Training (NT) similar?

Both work to change certain brain waves amplitudes. Neurofeedback uses the conscious mind and intense concentration by the subject, limited to half hour sessions on an expensive machine in a high overhead setting, making this a very expensive therapy, limited to the very wealthy.  The Bate Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training is quite different. It uses a combination of voice (text) and sounds so that it works directly to change the amplitude of these same brain waves.. Since this is on a “repeating” CD, other proven stress therapies are also included, making this therapy affordable and actually better than NFB

3. What does allergy stress have to do with brain problems?

It has been well established that allergy/sensitivity can cause virtually any mental problem. Too bad that many MD allergists and psychiatrists as well as almost all psychologists aren't even aware of this fact! Hay fever, asthma and other physical symptoms are well known and as a matter of fact, even these might be called brain problems since the unconscious mind controls all allergic reactions! Solve allergy stress and you solve many health problems! 

4. How is the Bate Neuroliminal Training system actually used?

 Simply open CD in Windows Media Player (with the "loop" setting clicked). Set your sound to a comfortable level and let it play while you simply sleep all night with the repetitive message playing. What the conscious mind  hears is a soothing surf type sound. The real message is not quite audible and isn't heard consciously, but the unconscious mind hears it and is   gradually influenced by it. More and more people are set their player at low volume, and simply letting it play 24 hours.

5. What is the “cure time” for NT?

ADD/ADHD seems to take about 2 months - equivalent to the "standard" 60 sessions for Neurofeedback. Autism takes up to a year or more, with continuing slow improvement. Depression relief seems to happen starting in a week or more, and insomnia for most persons is usually gone within a week. As in everything dealing with mind training, everyone is an INDIVIDUAL. But, who cares? Once you have the basic Neuroliminal CD package for you and/or your family, you can do training every night for as long as it takes. 

6. What else is needed to solve mental problems?

    While the Neuroliminal Training CD repeating constantly is the primary stress relief, there are “other” possible problems that may need work. In particular, in this increasingly polluted world, toxic mineral, particularly mercury can directly cause not only depression, but autism. There is a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate such using only Ascorbic Acid vitamin C. (Pregnant women can eliminate autism in their upcoming children – click here). (Go to video on google “phil Bate PhD -prevent”.) There are also nutrition and digestion possible problems that can be helped to improve. This is why every order includes a lengthy article explaining simple and inexpensive ways to do these at home.  Download free at: http://www.drbate.com/alternative-health-informationarticles.html

7. How are brain problems diagnosed? 

One of the problems is that many of the medical or psychological diagnostic terms (depression or ADD/ADHD for example) are artificial terms used to describe a "medical" problem for insurance purposes and classification. However, unlike diseases which I call "binary diseases" such as measles, mumps, cancer, etc, which you either have or don't have (binary), there are many medical problems that are "continuum" types. These include most brain problems such as ADD/ADHD, autism, heart problems, depression, schizophrenia, etc. These "diseases" vary both in symptoms and individual reactions. The medical community attempts to classify them and put them into specific categories almost entirely for insurance purposes and all too often doctors differ widely in the diagnosis .

The continuum of ADD/ADHD/Autism ranges from the normal exuberant (or spoiled) child to actual autism of non-responsiveness. There are infinite stages within this (and all brain problem continuum’s) and many different symptoms for different individuals. However, stress is the primary factor in all of these, so NT can solve all such problems given time to do so.

8. What happens if persons other than the “patient” listen to the Bate Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training audio?

In many reported cases, the other person(s) report beneficial health results. In one case of twins sleeping in the same room, one was dramatically improved of ADD, and the other was cured of hay fever. There has never been any report of “harm” using NT. The unconscious mind is always on guard against anything that might possibly "upset" the status quo, or harm in any way. It rejects anything on this order.  

9.  How does the Bate Neuroliminal Training system and/or NFB/EEG BF solve the various brain problems?

The basic idea behind both is repetitive suggestions. This slowly and effectively changes the unconscious mind set in ways we don't fully understand. Dr Bate's theory is that raising the SMR brain wave somehow changes the brains response to allergy and/ sensitivity and so far, this theory has been proved by hundreds of cases..

(I first proposed this application, and in the years since, so many people have literally "cured" their allergies and sensitivities by prolonged usage of NT, I am sure that the theory is correct). It's important to note that neither NFB/EEG BF or the Bate Neuroliminal Training claim to cure any allergy or sensitivity or any other disease.  What is done by either system is changing the brain response to that allergen by raising the SMR brain wave.

10.  What is the percentage of persons solving such brain problems by the Bate Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training system? 

We have the data from our returns on our guarantee "Noticeable improvement within 60 days or return for refund". As of March of 2015, with over 750 ADD-Autism CD's sold, only 11 have been returned for refund. (Over 95% satisfaction).

11. Can NT be used on children or adults who do not speak English? 

Yes, I have now had five cases ranging from 6 to 16 years old. The first was a Mexican boy who did speak some broken English. The next was an Argentine boy who spoke no English. The third was Brazilian, the fourth, Norwegian. The last one was several months ago, and he only spoke Arabic. All cases were successful.

How the unconscious mind does this is still a mystery.


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