Dr .Bate's Neuroliminal Training Therapies Solves STRESS CD  With SIMPLE Home Therapies


Laura W.  Florida Nov 2013
    Just wanted to write and let you know my son is doing so well with his Aspergers, and toilet training. He is now completely dry at nights and NEVER has had an "accident"! Everyone has congratulated me on this HUGE achievement, but I always say it's to do with the CD he listens to every night, he sleeps better as well.

    I would recommend this program to anyone that has a child like mine. For three years I had my son on meds to control his impulsiveness and focus during school (he was not that much trouble at home). During those three years, my son did not gain weight, grow taller and had many stomach ailments. 

    Since  being off the meds, my son has gained 14 pounds and has grown 1 and 1/4 inches. He looks great (no more circles under his eyes) and with the help of this CD he is not receiving constant notes home regarding his lack of focus or talking out of turn. My son is receiving mostly A's and B's in school and I really think the CD has helped him achieve a nice balance during his school day.

Judy D. Ohio March 2014     
    As an Autism mom and researcher, I purchased Dr. Bate's NT CD. I was particularly interested in the fact that this possibly could make improvements in my 15 year old daughter's sleep. I had been told by our MD who did a sleep study; that my daughter never went into REM sleep. 

    Within days of listening to this CD my daughter voluntarily told me it is helping her sleep and she feels calmer. After about 5 weeks she reported that she can now dream and as a result hates waking up!

    I find this is very significant because this tells me my daughter's brain is functioning better now that her blood flow in the brain has increased. 

    The reason this is transformational in kids with autism is because autism is 
Oxidative stress which means there is not enough oxygen in their cells which affect blood flow.

     She is sleeping thru with 8 hours of sleep regularly. Her stimulation responses are improving even more. She had shown significant Improvement in her energy and endurance. We're really excited about these improvements!"

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