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Weight Loss

When it was found in 2010 that the basic SMR brain wave raising used in Neurofeedback also solved allergy stress, that fact was combined with a "standard" self-hypnosis relaxation technique for weight loss, and the “Special” NT CD was designed.

It was also tested by six volunteers. Five took one month or slightly less to start losing exactly 5 pounds per month, and all five lost down to a "good weight for their height,”

The sixth, did not lose any weight for 4 months, but with continuous use of the CD she resolved severe depression. In the 5th month she started losing 5 pounds a month as well, and right down to her best weight.

(How does the unconscious know that 5 pounds a month is exactly the safe weight loss pattern as proposed by nutritionists? (I wish I knew).


(Special Volunteer L. R. Nov 2010)
Major Problems: anxiety depression -low energy. I can not lose weight. Slow weight gain constant. Changes in Major Problems past half month since using CD daily: second time weight has stayed - no increase- very happy with that- feel eventually i can lose. Also more and more energy each week, till not a lot - but gradual increase.anxiety lessens each week.

(Special Volunteer A. T. Aug 2010)
In two and a half months, I have lost 20 pounds. My friends have pointed out that I say "slow changes" a lot. Also, I am still sleeping better, and staying asleep thru the night. Overall I feel much better about myself and I have begun making changes to my life. Have hired a personal trainer. I have enjoyed being a part of this study.

(J.V. Florida Feb. 2015)
It seems to me that I have had some sort of "cleansing". I feel much better, haven't dieted, but consciously eating and making healthier choices. Feel like I have more energy and I've lost 7 pounds in the last month and a half. Thank you.

( K.D. Iowa April 2015)
I was afraid to weigh myself after Easter dinner, but I hadn't gained - Hope to do better this week. Post nasal drip continues to improve. I am surprised I have not lost more weight as my clothes are fitting better. In the last month, even counting Easter feast, I've lost the 5 pounds you said I would.

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